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Best, Not the Biggest.

At 3MG Roofing our goal isn’t to be the biggest roofing company. It’s to be the best. While we have the standard roofing license, we also have a General Contractor (GC) License.

This means we can effectively manage any trade required to complete your scope of work, even if it is outside of roofing. Trades such as painting, screen enclosure repair, interior repairs, and any other area affected by a failed roofing system or included in an insurance claim is right up our alley.

Local Presence, Local Expertise.

With our headquarters located in Winter Park, Florida we are no stranger to Florida’s tropical weather conditions and the impact it plays in managing a roofing project.

Many out-of-town roofing companies all too often make mistakes like removing the entire roof at one time, only to get caught in the middle of an afternoon downpour; allowing water to penetrate the decking. Our experienced crews tear-off the roof in sections and “dry-in” the removed areas prior to tearing-off the next section. We are always acutely aware of the weather forecast and prepared for whatever comes our way.

Experts in Insurance Claims.

Most property owners are not familiar with all the laws and rules surrounding insurance claims.

Our experienced team specializes in the insurance approval process. We speak their language. We even use the same technology they do. This allows us to effectively communicate with insurance adjusters and better justify your claim.

Our experienced team will be present for the insurance inspection, provide photographic evidence, and make sure that all damage is included so your claim is written fairly. Additionally, we will provide the adjuster with our roof inspection report as a guide for them to follow while completing their own inspection.

You’re Hiring more than just a roofer.

We know that loved ones, family, memories, prized possessions, and a significant financial investment resides under your roof.

We founded 3MG Roofing to protect the things most important to you. We know that your roof is the key to keeping you safe in a hurricane, dry during an afternoon thunderstorm, and ultimately protecting everything you value inside.

At 3MG, we are passionate about protecting your assets; and take genuine pride in doing so.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


Great service starts with great leadership.  At 3MG, our founders & owners represent a like-minded dream-team assembly of expertise in roofing, construction, finance, sales, marketing, and operations.

Ozzie Martinez

Owner | Sr Field Manager

Kyle Matheny

Founder | Corporate Operations

Danny Gay

Founder | Corporate Operations

Steven Moffett

Owner | Sr Labor Manager

James Bouzas

Owner | Sr Sales Manager

Bryan Bitler

Owner | Sr Project Manager


Whether you need a new roof or just want to talk with an expert about possible storm damage to your roof, we would love to hear from you.  Call us now!  We’re here to help.

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